Customer comments

  • Hello Bill, my brother bought me two of these for Christmas. They are truly awesome.


  • Hey Bill,
    Used a couple of your stands at my dads house to get under my yukon, those things are fantastic, I definitely tell everyone how great they are.
    I’d love to get a pair for myself, let me know how to go about doing so, thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Derek


  • Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for the liftstands.      I am very impressed with the quality, design, and function. They are a      great addition to the garage and worth every penny. I will recommend      them wherever I can. Thanks again, and have a nice weekend.



  • Hi Bill,

Used them on a heavy old ’58 Chevy.  Really solid, no movement,

well made stands, thank you-   Bill


  • Hi Bill,

This is Ken W, the guy who picked up the liftStands on Saturday. I enclosed a photo of my Corvette on the stands. It is nice to buy a product that was as easy to use as advertised. Fine piece of workmanship as well.



  • Bill,

I finally got around to using my lift stands – I’m really impressed! Shared pics w several BMW groups in AK, so might get some calls. Again, appreciate your help in getting these shipped. Everything went off without a hitch. Thank you – Royal

  • Bill,

The stands arrived , safe & sound ! Very impressive work & very robust .I’m going to enjoy these making my life easier ! They seem a perfect fit for my small garage.

I need to shim out the over-drive on this Jeep and can darn near sit straight up under it.  ……….Thanks so much, take care!

  • Hi Bill-

I finally got my car up on the liftstands. They are simply amazing. Very well designed and thought out with super-high build quality. I’m going to detail the undercarriage and build my own exhaust system on this 1968 Mercury Monterey fastback. I can’t imagine trying to do this using regular deathstands…I mean jackstands. (I’ve been spreading the word!). I never felt more comfortable under a lifted car.



  • Bill, Your time, ingenuity and build quality are displayed in this fine stand you have crafted, you should be proud. I’m grateful I found your site for it allows me to have splendid access to my 1970 Corvette Coupe without hesitation.

Thank you, Brian McGrath

  • Hell Bill,Standing arrived yesterday.  I can tell just by looking at them and picking them up that they are an expertly made product.Thank you
    Jim Boyce


  • Hello Wild Bill, hope you’re high and dry, with all the “July Rain” everywhere!Liftstands look more than adequate! Excellent product Bill! You do good work!👍👍. Thank you and looking forward to using them. I plan on showing them and telling everyone about your Liftstands.***What other products do you make Bill…..that I “can’t live without?” 😄Thanks again Bill and wishing you and your family the very best.Sincerely,George Griffin


  • Hey Bill, I just received my lift stands and i am already putting them to good use. It was worth the wait just to feel safe underneath the car to do a trans swap.   Thanks again.Jerry


  • Hi Bill. I recently ordered a full set of your lift stands.  They are absolutely awesome.  I jacked up my 2004 Cobra on to them and swapped out the stock mid pipe for an off-road Mac Pro Chamber.  Even with lowering springs, I had plenty of space to do all work and get the stock mid pipe (including down pipes and cats) out with some space to spare.  I really couldn’t be happier with how the stands worked out for me. I have a question about the size of the tire used with them.  My car currently has 295s in the rear.  I eventually am going to change my wheels in the back to 10.5″ with 315 tires. When I had the car up on the stands with the 295s,  the tires pretty much filled up (side to side) the entire platform surface with no real room to spare.  Would you advise against using your stands on a tire as wide as 315 or will it be ok to do so?Thanks again for an awesome product!!!     Jason


  • Hi Bill!Just wanted to say thanks again for the lift stands. I’ve really been enjoying them and it makes working on my 911 much easier and way more enjoyable!I’ve attached a few photos, if you’d like to use them for your website.  Cheers!  Mark …Denver, CO


  • Hi Bill,I really like My Lift & want to order another pair.  They are perfect for the British Car hobby market with ageing owners who love their cars, have winter projects etc.  Attached are photos of my MG-TF with gear box rebuild underway showing difference with jack stands front & My Lift rear.Will share w local British Car Club & MG, Austin Healey Clubs I belong to.Wish My Lift was around 20 yrs ago….Bill


  • Hi Bill, Working on my friends 56′ with your stands! Thanks. I love them. Matt Politzer, Imperial Beach, CA.   We did some undercoat touchup work today.


  • Hi Bill it’s Rodney lint, just got my lift stands today, very impressed thanks for delivering what you promised. They are very well built and sturdy this is a great idea, good luck to you


  • Hi Bill, I got the stands today, I am  very happy. Thank you very much. You are a genious. A+++++


  • Hi Bill, I never got back to you after receiving my lift stands. I am very impressed with your work and it is such a great idea. I got my first chance to use them this past weekend and enjoyed how easy to use and how well they work. They are the closest thing to an actual hydraulic lift I will ever own for many reasons. When I saw them on a video on YouTube I knew I had to have a set. Thank you again and I wish you continuing success.     Thanks, Robert Rattliff


  • I’d like to order two more of the lift stands… these things absolutely ROCK!.David Alvarez


  • Simply amazing! The safest, most stable and easy to use product on the market.   Matt


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